• April 2015

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    PhotoPlus : The Canon Magazine

    The only monthly mag for Canon SLR users

    ****Please note: Digital editions of the magazine from issue 57 onwards include online links to all the tutorial videos and project files that are included on the Video Disc that accompanies printed newsstand copies. Unfortunately, issues 56 and earlier do not include any covermount content.****
  • Essential Guide - Landscape Photography 2nd

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    The Essential Guide to Landscape Photography 2nd edition

    Produced by the experts at Digital SLR Magazine

    This updated edition of the popular MagBook produced by the experts at Digital SLR Magazine is the most comprehensive and useful guide for photographers of all levels looking to capture compelling landscape images. Filled with expert advice, inspirational images and authoritative gear reviews, this publication provides all the information you'll need to become a master landscape photographer and shoot images like a pro!
  • December 2014

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    AA L'architecture d'aujourd'hui

    Recevez immédiatement ce magazine bilingue français/anglais (French/English)

    Depuis 1930, L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui est la revue de référence de l’architecture française et internationale. Tous les deux mois, elle propose aux professionnels de l’architecture, du design et du bâtiment une approche originale de leur discipline. Revue de tendances, relais des débats de la profession, regards sur l’Actualité, les Arts, les nouveaux talents, carnets de voyages… Chaque numéro d’A’A’ est une invitation à la surprise et au questionnement. Established in 1930, recently relaunched, the new L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui review wants to be a forum for the debates where opinions meet and confrontation is encouraged. In contrast to the cliques and seeking of consensus, it gives proper place to the spirit of criticism to stimulate thought and smash preconceptions. 100% bilingual, A’A’ aims to capture the sources, spot today the trends and talents of tomorrow, yet without prejudice and, if necessary, to fly in the face of current thinking.
  • April 2015

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    Foto & Video

    №1 в мире фото и видео

    Foto&Video – журнал, рассчитанный на широкий круг читателей, интересующихся фотографией как искусством, так и фототехникой. Foto&Video первым представляет самые последние новинки фото- и видеотехники на российском и мировом рынке; имея собственную уникальную лабораторию, проводит независимые тесты фотооборудования. Foto&Video является единственным в России фотоизданием – представителем Европейской ассоциации журналов по аудио-, видео- и фототехнике (European Imaging and Sound Association, EISA). Журналы – представители EISA определяют лучшие модели года на рынке.
  • The Essential Guide to Portraits

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    The Essential Guide to Portraits

    Take your best images ever

    On the quest to create better pictures? The practical information, inspirational guides and helpful instructions within this MagBook make this title an invaluable resource for any serious amateur. Guiding you through every stage of shooting a portrait - from viewing the subject to considering the use of lighting, composition, backgrounds and techniques involved in recording the image, this MagBook provides you with the information you need to create maximum impact photographs!
  • 2013

    1 numero  /  € 9,20

    ニコン D7000 完全ガイド


    撮影やレンズ選び、色彩コントロール、レタッチなど、各ジャンルの上達のメソッドを解説。D7000へのステップアップユーザーも、D7000をサブカメラとして活用したいユーザーも満足できる内容となっています。 D7000ギャラリー/D7000機種レビュー/D7000使いこなしのメソッド/レンズインプレッション/写真の基礎/撮影テクニック/レタッチ/D7000画質評価/開発者インタビュー/メニュー解説 ほか
  • Getting Started in Digital SLR Photography 2nd ed

    1 numero  /  € 4,06

    Getting Started in Digital SLR Photography 2nd ed

    Shoot stunning images like a pro!

    If you've ever looked at professional images and wondered how they were created, this guide is for you! Packed with easy-to-grasp information, tips and advice, you'll not only get to grips with the various types of digital SLRs available, but through learning how to master various basic and professional techniques along with key accessories such as lenses and flashguns, you'll develop the core skills and knowledge vital to becoming a better photographer.
  • Winter-13

    1 numero  /  € 5,58

    Focus Magazine

    Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine

    Focus has the latest news and trends on fine art photography.
  • Issue #14

    1 numero  /  € 6,48

    SESSIONS Magazine

    SESSIONS Magazine is a collection of fashion, beauty and art photography captured by some of the most sought-after photographers in the world. Completely submission driven, SESSIONS Magazine provides a forum and creative flash point for both local and internationally renowned photographers to showcase their work, share ideas and shoot some of the most beautiful women to ever grace the lens. The resulting body of work is as exciting and fresh as it is diverse.
  • Winter 2014

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    GEO Traveller

    GEO Traveller - мы лучше знаем, где лучше

    Журнал о путешествиях в самые разные уголки мира. В фокусе внимания всегда находится определенная страна или направление, которому и посвящен очередной номер. GEOTraveller – для тех, кто ценит качество жизни.
  • Procycling Photography 2010

    1 numero  /  € 7,56

    Procycling Photography 2010: A year with the pro peloton

    Procycling Photography 2010 features the major races and the sport's leading personalities. There’s special focus on Lance Armstrong's final and ill-fated assault on the Tour de France, the sometimes bitter duel between Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck for the Tour's fabled yellow jersey, the latest fall and rise of Manx sprinting sensation Mark Cavendish, the unstoppable King of the Classics Fabian Cancellara, and enigmatic world champion Cadel Evans.
  • Evo Photo

    1 numero  /  € 4,06

    evo Photo

    Celebrating 10 exhilarating years of evo magazine!

    Over the last ten years evo has taken some of the most luxurious photographs of the most desirable motor cars on the planet, and this MagBook showcases the best images to feature in the magazine. With exciting actions shots, sophisticated studio images and inspirational exotic scenes, the collection of images within this MagBook are second to none in depicting the thrill, excitement and freedom of driving one of the world's greatest cars. And through its weighty and substantial feel, this guide is a great gift for any petrol head or fan of motoring photography!
  • Issue 27

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    The Block

    The Block is a high-gloss fashion, art, and culture magazine. Visually appealing and of-the-moment, The Block is a biannual fashion magazine for people who live for cutting-edge style, contemporary culture, and gorgeous photography.
  • The TechRadar Camera Buying Guide

    1 numero  /  € 9,50

    The TechRadar Camera Buying Guide

    The essential guide to buying a compact camera

    The indispensable guide for people looking for their next compact camera. Driven by TechRadar, the UK’s biggest consumer technology website, the Guide is packed full of essential reviews, comparisons, and buying advice. Inside you will find thorough hands-on tests on all of the top models on sale today. Plus, we demystify the jargon that you will encounter and give straightforward advice on the increasingly complex range of decisions that you will need to make when buying a compact camera. The Guide enables you to buy the right camera for your needs with the minimum of fuss. From the publishers of TechRadar, the UK’s largest consumer electronics web site, the Camera Buying Guide gives you everything that you need to know to select the best compact camera for your needs.
  • Vol.23

    1 numero  /  € 4,60



  • The Essential Guide to Landscape Photography 3rd edition

    1 numero  /  € 4,06

    The Essential Guide to Landscape Photography 3rd edition

    Do you dream of shooting stunning landscape images?

    The team at Digital SLR Photography magazine are on hand with all the information, advice and inspiration you need to create breathtaking professional looking photographs with the third edition of their best-selling MagBook. This comprehensive MagBook contains easy-to-follow tutorials across all aspects of landscape photography. From top composition tips and advice on using lenses, to guides on exploiting natural light and managing colour from industry professionals, you'll find everything you need to know within this ultimate guide for digital photographers'
  • Classics in Camera

    1 numero  /  € 4,06

    Classics in Camera

    Stunning cars, stunning photography!

    From perfectly composed studio pictures to hair-raising action shots, this exciting publication features the best images taken from six years of Octane, the magazine renowned for its superb photography and diversity of its featured motorcars. Ranging from pre-war leviathans to the latest iconic supercars, there is something for every car enthusiast within the pages of this breathtaking MagBook. With exhilarating supercar track shots, atmospheric landscape drives as well as perfect studio shots of icons such as the McLaren F1 GTR, Ferrari 599GTB, British favourite the Aston Martin and the classic Bugatti 'Black Bess', this is an exciting photographic celebration of a century of motoring.
  • A Pocket Guide to Digital Photography

    1 numero  /  € 4,06

    The Pocket Guide to Digital Photography

    Everything you need to produce stunning photos

    This pocket-friendly guide contains everything you need to take the photographs you've always dreamed of! Covering everything from explaining what all the buttons, dials and wheels on modern cameras are for, to teaching you the secrets of good exposure and composition, this book is guaranteed to demystify the daunting world of digital photography. If you've always dreamed of taking stunning digital shots, this is the perfect MagBook to help you achieve this!
  • A Photographers Guide to RAW in Photoshop

    1 numero  /  € 11,35

    A Photographer's Guide to RAW in Photoshop

    All digital SLRs and many compacts can save shots as Raw files, which contain all the information captured by the camera sensor without in-camera processing. The photographer can then use the free Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) editor in Photoshop or Elements to process and "develop" these Raw files. This comprehensive 228-page guide introduces the ACR controls and tools, and shows how to use them to produce photos with greater tonal detail and richer colour. It includes step-by-step, hands-on projects that will help you get to grips with ACR and learn how to get more from all your photos (it even shows you how to use ACR on your JPEGs and TIFFs too).
  • ImagineFX - Fantasy Art Essentials

    1 numero  /  € 10,81

    ImagineFX Presents: Fantasy Art Essentials

    ImagineFX Presents: Fantasy Art Essentials is packed full of 288 pages of the biggest names in fantasy art including interviews, advice, workshops and new art from Wayne Barlowe, Chris Foss, Charles Vess, Dave Gibbons, HR Giger, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell and many more! It contains a mix of traditional art advice from people such as James Gurney, Brian Froud and Rodney Matthews as well as digital techniques from Adam Hughes, Marta Dahlig and Andrew Jones. Fantasy Art Essentials is your ultimate guide to fantasy art techniques, advice and theory.
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