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  • April 2014

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    Good Housekeeping India

    Home, Health, Happiness

    Launched in October 2004, Good Housekeeping is today the fastest-growing women’s magazine in India. It is the contemporary, urban Indian woman’s self-help manual for all aspects of her life: her home, her relationships with children and friends, her health, looks, and culinary interests. Most of all, Good Housekeeping is a friend who helps her live up to her potential.The magazine is widely read across the country, both by homemakers and working women, who vary in age from that 20s to the 60s and beyond. It has been published for the lasts 126 years in the United States and over 82 years in the United Kingdom. Today, it has 16 worldwide editions, and a readership of over 58 million around the world. Endorsed by the country’s leading experts, it provides information that is reliable, engaging, spirited and optimistic. The USP is that even while being aspirational in parts, the magazine basically talks of and to real, everyday women.Good Housekeeping cover personalities always have a story to tell, and are an inspiration to all. They are always cheerful, ready and able to take on life’s challenges. Some of the cover personalities include the late Benazir Bhutto, Oprah Winfrey, Shabana Azmi, Aparna Sen and Waheeda Rehman.
  • May - June 2014

    6 numeri /  € 6,16

    Dogs Life

    The Authority On Raising Dogs

    Dogs Life is designed for highly-engaged dog owners who want to be informed on good health, training, and caring for their dog. Dogs Life readers are out there walking, playing and caring for their dogs and are doing so with pride. Dogs Life offers informative stories on a range of subjects, from hard-hitting topics to heartfelt stories, news, nutrition, healthcare, behavioural issues, training and breed features. Dogs Life articles are comprehensively researched and written by experts such as veterinarians, breeders and behaviourists in the industry who provide valuable and practical information.
  • Abril 2014

    12 numeri /  € 15,32

    Ser Padres - Chile

    Consejos para los padres cien por ciento involucrados en la crianza de sus hijos, desde el embarazo hasta la edad escolar.

    Ser Padres es la guía necesaria para potenciar el desarrollo y bienestar de padres e hijos. Reportajes de sicología, salud, desarrollo, estimulación y belleza.
  • Abril 2014

    12 numeri /  € 15,32

    Embarazo y Parto

    Dirigida a las mujeres embarazadas y a las madres de niños hasta 5 años. Toda la información necesaria para esa etapa de la vida.

    Embarazo y parto tiene un tratamiento positivo de la información, utilizando fuentes especializadas da las mujeres todos los datos que necesitan saber para enfrentar la parte del embarazo y el parto y luego la crianza de sus hijos.
  • DRUM 60th

    1 numero  /  € 2,59

    DRUM 60th

    The beat goes on

    DRUM 60 is a limited edition collector’s item celebrating 60 years of DRUM magazine, an iconic South African publication. It contains stories on writers such Henry Nxumalo, Nat Nakasa, Todd Matshikiza and Can Themba who all wrote for DRUM in the 1950s. Read about the issues covered by the magazine over the years from race to forced removals to politics and news to life in Sophiatown, including an article written by former president Nelson Mandela in 1952. The magazine contains well-known images taken by DRUM photographers such as Alf Kumalo, Peter Magubane and Jürgen Schadeberg. These pictures cover diverse subjects such as the Sharpeville massacre funerals, 1950s gangsters and singers Dolly Rathebe and Miriam Makeba.DRUM, Sophiatown, South Africa, history, forced removals, politics, Dolly Rathebe, Henry Nxumalo, Nat Nakasa, Can Themba, Bob Gosani, Alf Kumalo, Peter Magubane, Miriam Makeba, Dolly Rathebe, Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, 1950, Africa, jazz, Soweto
  • Young Parents Pre-School Guide 2014

    1 numero  /  € 1,77

    Young Parents Pre-School Guide

    Your Must-Have Preschool Guide

    Young Parents Preschool Guide is the must have guide for parents who are preparing for their child's preschool years. It contains information on preschool preparation, preschool life & what is beyond preschool. Some key highlights: - How to choose the best preschool for your child - Expert answers to all your preschool problems, from separation anxiety to learning woes - Search for childcare and kindergartens by district – we’ve got the complete listings!
  • September 2011

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  • Abril 2014

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    A revista que ajuda a entender a nossa cabeça

    A revista Mente&Cerebro é voltada a todos que se interessam pelos misterios da mente humana. Seus artigos e repostagens são porduzidos em linguagem acessivel, e abordam temas como emoções, inteligência, sexualidade, distúrbios e outros assuntos fascinantes do psiquismo
  • No.326_Apr-14

    12 numeri /  € 34,40

    Mombaby 媽媽寶寶雜誌


  • April 2014

    12 numeri /  € 20,51

    Домашний Очаг Казахстан

    Все о вкусной,здоровой, и счастливой семейной жизни

    Домашний Очаг — это практические советы в вопросах моды и красоты, здорового образа жизни, воспитания и здоровья детей, создание и сохранение семьи,и самые вкусные и полезные кулинарные рецепты .
  • May-14

    12 numeri /  € 4,43

    Family Circle

    Try the all-digital edition of Family Circle on your computer or portable device!

    Every issue is filled with quick-fixing, delicious recipes ... do-it-yourself decorating ideas ... fashion and beauty secrets ... plus advice for raising a healthy, happy family - and more!
  • Nov-Dec-12

    6 numeri /  € 19,48

    Natural Child World

    The Magazine for Modern Parents with a Conscience and a Taste for Life

    NCW is a source of inspirations for modern parents who want to make better choices for themselves and the people they love the most without sacrificing the things they like the most. Focus: sustainable design, fashion, lifestyle and culture from around the globe.
  • Japanese for daily life

    1 numero  /  € 11,16

    暮らしの日本語 指さし会話帳3 中国語版


    「旅行指指通会话帐」的新系列!是面向在日生活中国人的会话集。 生活秩序,各种手续等等,收录了对在日中国人方便实用的6000词句。 根据不同场景,采用中文与日文并注的形式,可以简单找到所需的语句与单词。更收录了简单易懂的插图,即使在紧急情况下也可以迅速找到想要的词句。 所有的词句都同时注有中文和日文,不仅适用于学习日语,也有助于与日本人的交流! 希望有助于您学习在日生活的礼节,文化,生活习惯等! ◆「旅行指指通会话帐(旅の指さし会話帳)」及「YUBISASHI」是株式会社情报中心出版局的注册商标。 「YUBISASHI」已注册国际商标。 ◆(C)2012 Joho Center Publishing Co. Ltd 「旅の指さし会話帳」の新シリーズ!この書籍は日本で暮らす中国人のための会話帳です。 生活ルール、各種手続きなど、日本に住む中国人の方々に役立つ言葉を6000語以上収録。 中国語と日本語をシーン別に併記しているので、誰でも簡単に目的のフレーズや単語をみつけることができるデザインになっています。親しみやすいイラストが収録されているので急いでいても、すぐに目的のフレーズや単語をみつけることができます。 すべての言葉やフレーズに中国語と日本を併記していますので、誰でも簡単にお使い頂けるようにデザインされています。 生活ルール、災害予防局のハンドブックとしてや、中国からの労働者・研修生を受ける企業様の研修ツールとしてご活用ください。 ◆「旅の指さし会話帳」及び「YUBISASHI」は株式会社情報センター出版局の登録商標です。 「YUBISASHI」は国際商標登録済みです。 ◆(C)2012 Joho Center Publishing Co. Ltd
  • Vol 3

    1 numero  /  € 2,15

    ママ目線で建てる ! 自由設計の家


    キッチンやリビングはもちろん、壁紙やドアノブにいたるまで、 ママ目線で建てた「カワイイ!」「ステキ!」にあふれる家を紹介します。 今ドキの家づくりはママが主役。自由設計の家なら、ママの願いをカタチにすることが可能です。今回は東海エリアから厳選した10社の工務店を紹介。
  • March 2014

    12 numeri /  € 8,21


    Журнал на казахском языке для современной женщины с восточным менталитетом. Шығыс менталитетімен өмір сүретін әйелдерге арналған нағыз заманауи журнал

    «Сырласу» – это энциклопедия современной восточной женщины. Руководство, как сделать свою жизнь счастливой и полной, опираясь на опыт предков и используя возможности современного мира. Путеводитель по сложным жизненным ситуациям. Подруга, которая всегда под рукой и всегда поможет дельным советом. «Сырласу» - бүгінгі қазақ аруларының энциклопедиясы. ""Сырласу"" – дәстүрмен үндесе, заманмен үйлесе отырып өмірімізді бақытты етуге арналған әдістеме. ""Сырласу""- өмірдің қиын-қыстау кезеңдерінде жолбасшы-серігіңіз ""Сырласу"" - сізге әрдайым ақыл-кеңес беретін, қолсозым жердегі сыралғы құрбыңыз
  • No 56 Autumn 2014

    4 numeri /  € 13,86


    Family is Everything

    From babies to teenagers, Parenting magazine offers support and information for all the issues parents face. Published quarterly by The Parenting Place,  the practical, well researched and inspiring articles offer wise advice, creative ideas and hot tips on raising happy, confident kids. Parenting magazine is a must have for the growing family with regular features on: education, relationships, parenting solo, personality types, baffling behaviour, and keeping the fun factor.
  • April 2014

    12 numeri /  € 23,91

    Good Housekeeping Middle East

    The longest running women’s lifestyle magazine comes to the UAE!

    Launched in December 2011, Good Housekeeping Middle East offers readers the most tried and tested advice to help them be the best of the best in all areas of their busy lives. From the latest fashion and beauty looks to expert family, finance and health advice, house and home style tips and tricks, along with our famous Triple Tested recipes to enjoy with friends and family at home – it’s all here!
  • No.2_Book

    1 numero  /  € 7,47

    Parenthood 親子花園


    亞斯伯格症—全球亞斯格伯格症的患者正急遽增加!什麼是亞斯伯格症,如何診斷、面對?專攻亞斯伯格症患者的臨床心理家東尼‧艾伍德,用簡單的文字為大眾解說亞斯伯格症。 301個過動兒教養祕訣—還在為家中過動的孩子煩惱嗎?拋棄錯誤的既定印象,讓國內知名青少年臨床心理治療師王意中醫師,以多年臨床經驗,整理出數十個過動兒的生活問題,從情緒管理、社交等全方面提出301項教養對策,讓你用正確的方式,一起和孩子面對生活中的障礙。
  • April 2012

    1 numero  /  € 5,15

    CREA Due Home


    「CREA」の人気特集が1冊のMOOKに! 決定版!! シンプル整理術
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