• 2011

    1 numero  /  € 7,65

    Ultimate Gadget Guide 2011

    The comprehensive guide to home technology

    Whether it’s a TV, a camera, a sound system or a tablet computer, this guide provides all the advice you will need to choose the right product for you. There’s a run-down of the 100 best mobile phone apps and pages of guidance showing how you can get the best out of today’s technology and avoid its pitfalls. The guide is packed with expert advice and will appeal to both technophobes and the more tech-savvy who are looking to gain a little more knowledge.
  • June 2011

    1 numero  /  € 7,45

    最新iPadアプリ特撰700 -iPad/ipad2対応-

    最新の“使える”アプリ大集合!! レビューと使いこなしが満載

  • September 2011

    1 numero  /  € 6,62


    つないでいるだけじゃもったいない! Wi-Fi(得)テクニックを大公開

  • Fall-13

    1 numero  /  € 7,37

    CQ VHF

    CQ VHF – Digital Edition

    Each quarterly issue is full of articles on the technology, activities, people and products that give VHF/UHF ham radio its unique flavor as our writers explore the opportunities you'll find on 6 & 2 meters, 222 & 440 MHz and above. CQ VHF covers a broad range of skill levels, from the new Technician learning to program a handheld to the Extra Class microwave experimenter bouncing signals off the moon or working meteor scatter. Articles cover operating, technical topics, construction and radio history.
  • Ultimate guide to Google's Hidden Tools

    1 numero  /  € 1,27

    Ultimate guide to Google's Hidden Tools


    It’s hard to imagine the web without Google. Services such as Google Maps and YouTube are becoming smarter, faster and more useful all the time. This MagBook reveals more than 400 secret tricks to help you get the most from the Google sites and software you use every day. Discover the best Chrome add-ons for speeding up online tasks, find out how to customise Gmail and Google Drive to make them look and behave the way you want. This guide also explains how to regain control of your personal information if you’re worries about your privacy. If you want to become a Google expert, then this is the guide for you.
  • The Ultimate BlackBerry Guide 4

    1 numero  /  € 3,82

    Ultimate BlackBerry Guide 4

    This updated guide to mastering the features and functions on BlackBerry handsets is a must have buy! Featuring all the latest models and providing clear, easy-to-follow advice spanning the initial setting up of your handset right through to more advanced services, this is the only reference you'll need to make the most of your BlackBerry. Covering everything from what a BlackBerry is and why you should buy one, to no-nonsense product reviews across the whole BlackBerry range as well as guides on software features and developing apps for the BlackBerry, this is a core guide for business and leisure users alike.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Android Tablets

    1 numero  /  € 3,82

    Ultimate Guide to Android Tablets

    With Android tablets set to challenge Apple’s IPad 2 for the Christmas market this year, we take an in-depth look at what the platform has to offer the masses, and how users can get the most out of it in terms of programs and apps. We’ll also assess a variety of Android tablets and must-have accessories to ensure readers make the right buying decision.
  • No.414_Jan-15

    12 numeri /  € 77,76


    ビデオ撮影、編集、作品作りのための専門誌です。Video shooting, editing, creating a magazine for video work.

    ビデオ撮影、編集、作品作りのための専門誌です。家庭用ビデオカメラから、プロ用カメラ、動画撮影機付きのデジタル一眼カメラまで、あらゆるビデオカメラの情報が満載。※紙版で別冊付録つきの号がございますが、電子版では、ビデオSALON別冊シリーズとして別売りとなります。Video shooting, editiong, creating magazine for video work.From home video to camera, professional cameras, digital SLR cemeras with capability to shoot video, any advice about video cameras.※The supplement in the paper version is separated as the supplement series of video salon in the digital version.
  • Stuff Guide to Apps for iPhone + iPad

    1 numero  /  € 3,67

    Stuff's Ultimate Guide to iPhone & iPad Apps

    Stuff's top 500 apps

    A guide to the 500 best apps for iPhone and iPad, written by the experts at Stuff, the world's best-selling gadget magazine. The apps will be divided into sections aimed at spefic types of people, from jetsetters to couch potatoes, from sports freaks to gamers, from..... Well, you get the idea. Anything else? Yes, it'll also be crammed to the covers with guides to Apple's touchscreen devices, How to features to help you get the best out of some of Stuff's favourite apps, and tons of accessories you can team up with your iThings for app-fuelled Nirvana. All written in Stuff's inimitably witty style.
  • October 2011

    1 numero  /  € 9,10

    できるポケット+ Sony Tablet Sシリーズ

    ソニーのAndroidタブレット「Sony Tablet Sシリーズ」の入門書

    家族みんなで使いたいエンターテインメントタブレット「Sony Tablet Sシリーズ」の入門書です。文字入力やタッチ操作はもちろん、GoogleアカウントやWi-Fiの設定、さらにはソニーのオンラインサービスや家電機器との連携まで徹底解説。Sony Tablet Sシリーズを初めて使う方が戸惑わないように、画面と操作手順でわかりやすく解説しているので、すぐに操作方法をマスターできます。
  • Decembre 2014

    1 numero  /  € 4,73

    Stuff France

    Le N°1 mondial des magazines High-Tech et lifestyle

    Une manière ludique de découvrir les dernières nouveautés en Téléphonie, Baladeurs MP3, Informatique, TV, Home Cinema... Des tests exigeants, des comparatifs impitoyables en avance sur tout le monde.
  • Octobre 2014

    1 numero  /  € 4,77

    What Hifi France


    Référence mondiale, WHAT HIFI est LE magazine le plus complet sur le Home Cinéma et la Hifi. Nos tests font référence auprès des lecteurs et sont redoutés par tous les constructeurs. Avec WHAT HIFI impossible de vous tromper sur votre prochain achat
  • Winter 2011

    1 numero  /  € 1,27

    Trusted Reviews Guide to Gadgets

    Helping you make the right choice in your next gadget purchase

    Published by IPC Media. Trusted Reviews Guide to Gadgets is for anyone looking to buy new consumer electronic products. From TVs to digital cameras, it’s packed with great advice and tips on buying technology, head to head product reviews, focused reviews on top selling products, gadgets by price point and technology explained and made easy.
  • Special Issue

    1 numero  /  € 1,28

    The Complete Guide to the iPhone 4S

    The ultimate guide to Apple's latest iPhone

    The Complete Guide to the iPhone 4S is the ultimate book for the millions of customers looking to purchase Apple’s latest groundbreaking device. Readers will discover how to set up their iPhone PC-free with the new iOS 5, use iCloud to manage and stream media over the air, and sync wirelessly with iTunes. It will also have in-depth guides to getting the most from Siri, Apple’s new artificially intelligent voice-interaction technology, plus the amazing new 8-megapixel camera and 1080p high-definition video recording. And complete buyers guides to all the greatest apps and accessories that every iPhone owner will want to buy.
  • No.1_Aug-14

    1 numero  /  € 1,66


    ビデオ撮影、編集、作品作りのための専門誌「ビデオSALON」の別冊。Video shooting, editing, creating a magazine for video work.

    ビデオ撮影、編集、作品作りのための専門誌「ビデオSALON」の別冊。本誌付録や、特別編集版を電子版オリジナルとしてリリースしていきます。Video shooting, editing, creating a magazine for video work. From home video camera, professional cameras, digital SLR cameras with capability to shoot video, any advice about video cameras.
  • Hivern 2013

    1 numero  /  € 6,00

    Stuff Hors-Série

    Pas facile de s’y retrouver parmi les 500 000 applications disponibles sur l’App Store ! Heureusement le magazine STUFF a fait le tri pour vous et sélectionné 500 applis pour votre votre iPhone et votre iPad dans ce Numéro Spécial de 148 pages La rédaction vous livre également le test du iPhone 4S, du iPad 2 et des accessoires casques,sport, photo, vidéo, musique, voyage
  • Decembre 2011 - Janvier 2012

    1 numero  /  € 6,00

    What Hifi Hors-Série

    Un Hors série de WHAT HIFI consacré à la HD, véritable guide d'achat avec 100 modèles passés au crible des tests les plus exigeants. TV, platines de lecture, amplis, enceintes et vidéoprojecteurs,, indispensable pour faire la bonne acquisition.
  • November 2011

    1 numero  /  € 10,76

    できるポケット SoftBank iPhone 4S スマートに使いこなす基本&活用ワザ 200

    400ページの大ボリュームでiPhone&iOS 5を使いこなす!

    基本操作や設定だけではなく、音楽や高機能カメラの楽しみ方、クラウドサービス「iCloud」を利用したiPhoneのバックアップ、「フォトストリーム」でパソコンやMac、iPadと写真を共有する方法など、iPhone 4Sをとことん活用するためのテクニックを丁寧に解説。話題の音声アシスト機能「Siri」やWi-Fi経由でiTunesとの同期など、iOS 5とiTunes 10.5の新機能を使いこなすノウハウも満載! 購入前の疑問のほか、通常の携帯電話との違いも本書ですぐに解決。はじめてでも、乗り換えでも、すぐにiPhone 4Sを使いこなせます。iPhone 4S/4/3GS、Windows/Mac対応。
  • Getting Started in Digital Photography 3

    1 numero  /  € 3,82

    Getting Started in DSLR Photography 3


    Getting Started with DSLR Photography 3rd edition. Just bought a digital SLR but have no idea where to start? The team at DSLR magazine are on hand to help you get to grips with the various types of digital SLRs available and master your cameras functions and settings. Updated to include the latest camera technology, subject-based techniques and accessories, this MagBook covers all essential bases including aperture, shutter speed, ISO ratings and exposure, as well as advice on more ambitious professional techniques and inspirational ideas for you to test out once as you learn. With advice spanning all areas of photographic scenes – from portraits to nature and landscapes, as well as guides to with key accessories such as lenses and flashguns, this MagBook is invaluable for beginners and amateurs looking to become a better photographer!
  • Vol.153_Dec-14

    1 numero  /  € 4,14



    スマートフォン&携帯電話、テレビ、レコーダー、オーディオ&ビジュアル、パソコン、デジタルカメラ、生活家電(オーブンレンジ、炊飯器、掃除機、空気清浄機など)からカーナビ&電気自動車まで幅広くカバーした、日本で唯一のデジタルグッズ専門誌。 流行に敏感な30〜40代男性がメイン読者層。 ソニー・マガジンズから1999年11月25日創刊。
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