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  • Annual-13

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    The Elevator

    The premier private equity magazine, combining accessible private equity deals, luxury and philanthropy from around the world

    The Elevator magazine is a modern, high-end international financial and luxury publication that features private equity opportunities from throughout the globe. The magazine focuses on forward-looking industries, including consumer Internet, software, hardware, clean-tech, bio-tech and health care.
  • November 2014

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    The owner manager's magazine

    NZBusiness is the magazine for Business Owners & Managers, it is “The Authority” for small and medium businesses – NZ Business is targeted at the powerhouse of the NZ Business scene “SME’s” that make up 95% of all New Zealand businesses. The editorial focus is on providing interesting and informative articles to help managers and owners run their businesses in these challenging times.
  • octobre 18, 2014

    46 numeri /  € 51,31

    Les Affaires

    Les Affaires est le leader incontesté des publications d'affaires. Votre source hebdomadaire d’information pour prendre les meilleures décisions.
  • No.40_Sep-14

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    Wealth Magazine Special

  • No.1800_Oct-17-14

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  • October 27, 2014

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    India Today

    News and current affairs magazine

    India Today is the leading news magazine and most widely read publication in India. The magazine’s leadership is unquestioned, so much so that India Today is what Indian journalism is judged by, for its integrity and ability to bring unbiased and incisive perspective to arguably the most dynamic, yet perplexing, region in the world. Breaking news and shaping opinion, it is now a household name and the flagship brand of India’s leading multidimensional media group. Additionally, the weekly brings with it a range supplements like Women, Home, Aspire, Spice and Simply which focus on style, health, education, fashion, etc. and Indian cities.
  • October 26, 2014

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    Business Today

    For Managing Tomorrow

    A leading business magazine read by the business leaders for staying ahead and managing challenges that comes right away in the ever changing world of business.
  • June 2014

    1 numero  /  € 14,43

    Harvard Business Review Russia

    Harvard Business Review – это самое авторитетное издание по менеджменту в мире – основан Гарвардской школой бизнеса в 1922 году.

    Миссия издания – служить источником идей и решений для лидеров бизнеса. Среди читателей журнала топ-менеджеры и владельцы компаний – люди, принимающие важнейшие стратегические решения, интеллектуальная элита бизнеса. Содержание журнала: передовые идеи, эффективные технологии управления, инновации; анализ конкретных бизнес-ситуаций, проблемы лидерства, мотивации; вопросы корпоративной стратегии.
  • Octobre 2014

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    Quebec Pharmacie

  • October 2014

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    Advisor's Edge

  • October 2014

    10 numeri /  € 61,59

    Advisor's Edge Report

  • Octubre 2014

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    Dirigida a empresarios, directivos y ejecutivos, en Emprendedores se encuentran los temas más actuales del mundo de la empresa, las nuevas ideas y técnicas de gestión y toda la información que el profesional para mejorar en su vida y en su trabajo.
  • No.25_Nov-14

    1 numero  /  € 3,22

    NHKラジオ ラジオ英会話


    老若男女を問わずさまざまな学習者が楽しめます。和文英訳からは絶対に出てこない、自然な表現が満載。毎月第4週は、ニュース、歌、物語など、多様な英語をリスニングするほか、「英会話文法」のコーナーで、会話に必須の文法感覚も身につけられます。講師とネイティブの軽快なトークは楽しさいっぱい!//■レベルB1(社会生活での身近な話題について理解し、自分の意思とその理由を簡単に説明できる)/■講師:遠山 顕//■ご注意ください■/※NHKテキスト電子版では権利処理の都合上、一部コンテンツやコーナーを掲載してない場合がございます。ご了承ください。
  • No.27_Nov-14

    1 numero  /  € 3,22

    NHKラジオ 入門ビジネス英語

    やさしいフレーズで学ぶ! ビジネス・プロフェッショナルの英単語

  • No.27_Nov-14

    1 numero  /  € 3,22

    NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語


    番組のストーリーの舞台は、ニューヨークのグローバル企業 GLI Health and Beauty Company。日本人社員、梅村聖四(34歳)を中心に、ビジネスパーソンたちの会話が展開。社会・経済・文化のさまざまなニュースやトレンド、出来事についての話を通して、生きた英語を学びます。//■レベルC1(広範で複雑な話題を理解して、目的に合った適切な言葉を使い、論理的な主張や議論を組み立てることができる)/■講師:杉田 敏//■ご注意ください■/※NHKテキスト電子版では権利処理の都合上、一部コンテンツやコーナーを掲載してない場合がございます。ご了承ください。
  • No.5213_Mar-09-14

    1 numero  /  € 2,68



    団塊の世代とその家族を中心に、幅広く支持されています。政治・経済・社会情勢を鋭く分析することで、硬派なスクープ記事も満載。※デジタル版には「進学情報」など収録されていない記事がございますのでご了 承願います。
  • October 2014

    10 numeri /  € 42,49

    Business Traveller

    The leading magazine for the corporate traveller

    The leading magazine for the corporate traveller. We aim to save you money and make your travelling life easier. Each edition has the latest news from airlines, airports, hotels and car hire companies, reviews of the latest gadgets, technology and accessories and destinations pieces - where to stay, what to eat, what to see, and how to behave, all delivered by our own writers and journalists around the world. In addition, loyalty programs are examined, deals and promotions collected and feature stories cover a wide range of issues such as health, security, technology, golf, automotive, financial and buying property. With editorial staff based in our offices around the globe we are uniquely placed to ensure that our different editions reflect the needs of our readers locally.
  • October 2014

    12 numeri /  € 23,23

    Entrepreneur Philippines

    Your Partner in business

    Entrepreneur Philippines is the indispensable handbook for both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in starting and expanding their businesses. It contains sound business advice from experts and essential know-how aimed at giving each reader the edge to succeed in business. It also provides motivational guidance and inspirational features that give readers a framework for entrepreneurial success, helping readers become their own boss and turn their business ideas into reality.
  • October - November 2014

    6 numeri /  € 25,19


    Brand profiles, 3+ case studies per month, CMO-level opinion and analysis

    Every issue of Marketing looks at the story behind brands and the people that devote their blood, sweat and tears to them. From one-on-one interviews with Australia's top marketing executives, to valuable case studies and strategy-level opinion, every page is authoritative and insightful.
  • No.8_Nov-14

    1 numero  /  € 3,22

    NHKラジオ 基礎英語1


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