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  • Excel For Beginners 1st Revised Edition

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    Excel For Beginners

    Everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft Excel

    Excel is one of the most powerful and versatile tools in Microsoft's Office suite, combining some serious statistical firepower with a delicate graphical touch that can animate the driest data and help you draw meaningful conclusions from your numbers. Whether you're keeping track of inventory, managing stock portfolios, calculating your profit and loss for the year or simply taming the bills with a budget, Excel has every tool you need. In this guide, we walk you through the basics, showing you the differences between the Mac and Windows interfaces so that you can follow our tutorials no matter what kind of computer you're using, and then start to show you the real potential of Excel. We demystify formulas and teach you how to harness their power. We show you how to put some pizzazz into presentations by throwing up attractive graphs and charts. Finally, we help you explore your data and find out what it's really trying to tell you. Getting Started - Create your first Excel workbook Using Formulas - Let Excel do the hard work for you Formatting Data - Add some creative flair to your spreadsheets Exploring Data - Uncover the secrets of data analysis Visualising Data - Improve your presentations with diagrams and charts Going Further - Discover how to expand Excel's functionality
  • 4th edition

    1 numero  /  € 4,03

    iPad Starter Guide, Fourth Edition

    Meet the iPad With Retina Display

    Whether you already have the fourth-generation iPad in hand, are anxiously awaiting its arrival at your doorstep, or are considering purchasing Apple's latest iPad with Retina display, let the editors at Macworld help you get to know it with the fourth edition of our iPad Starter Guide. Totally new to the iPad and not sure where to begin? Our Starter Guide will introduce you to the device and walk you through the activation process. You'll discover basic gestures for navigating through apps and home screens, and learn some of our favorite iPad tips and tricks. Maybe you've owned an iPad before, but want to freshen up on the device's features and learn about new iPad additions. We'll walk you through Notification Center, Siri, and iCloud, Apple's syncing service.
  • Dec-12

    1 numero  /  € 8,43



    Google Chrome、Gmail、Googleカレンダー、2012年6月に登場したばかりのGoogleドライブはもちろん、Google+、Picasaなどのソーシャルなサービス、iPhoneアプリ、Androidアプリでの各Googleサービスの使い方まで、詳しい手順+使いこなしのワザが役に立つ情報満載の一冊です。
  • 2013

    1 numero  /  € 7,05

    Total Mountain Lion Superguide

    Get to Know the New Mac OS

    Whether you’re a relatively new Mac user or someone who remembers the days before there were three colored buttons in the upper left corner of every Mac window, Mountain Lion has something new for you. In this book, Macworld editors have assembled in-depth looks at all of Mountain Lion’s new features and adjustments, and demonstrate how you can use them to their fullest.
  • iPad: The Complete Manual 5th Revised Edition

    1 numero  /  € 9,08

    iPad: The Complete Manual

    Suitable for all iPads

    Discover all about the amazing iPad with this Complete Manual. Suitable for every iPad and updated for iOS 8, this manual is all you need to get the most out of Apple's famous tablet. Featuring: General introduction Get to know your new iPad. Step-by-step tutorials Walking you through how to use your iPad, from Settings to gestures App Store, iTunes and iBooks Learn how to buy and download material for your device The essential apps From Safari and iCloud to Siri and Keynote
  • The Nexus Book Vol 2

    1 numero  /  € 9,08

    The Nexus Book

    Everything you need to know about the Nexus 7, 9 and 10

    With in-depth guides to dozens of essential apps, The Nexus Book is an indispensable companion for those looking to get to grips with their new Android tablet. Step-by-step tutorials cover everything from basic settings to some of the Nexus's more advanced features, as well as advising on how to get the most out of the great content available on the Google Play store. Featuring: Do more with your Nexus - Fed up with spending time on the same old apps over and over again? Perhaps it's time to expand your horizons Email & Gmail - Discover how to set up new accounts in both the main email apps on your Nexus Chrome - Browse the web using the same bookmarks and settings you use on all your devices Google Maps - Navigate the world, locate your favourite bars and restaurants, and get directions anywhere
  • The Samsung Galaxy App Directory Vol 1

    1 numero  /  € 9,08

    The Samsung Galaxy App Directory

    Your guide to the best apps for your Samsung Galaxy device

    Panning through Google Play's river of apps for those gold-star nuggets, the Samsung Galaxy App Directory shows you the best way to extend the functionality of your tablet or smartphone. Featuring almost 700 app reviews and the insider's guide to the Google Play store, it's a must-have for anyone looking to get more from their Galaxy. Expert reviews - A plethora of tools, utilities, games and more have been investigated by our crack team of Samsung power users Keep yourself entertained - Unmissable entertainment apps and addictive games are just a few taps away Go straight to the store - The very best apps we've discovered have been given scannable QR codes, so you can go straight to the Play store Essential apps feature - Our shortlist of the very best apps available in each category will show you the essential downloads
  • TechTest B��rbar

    1 numero  /  € 1,16

    TechTest Bærbar

    De bedste test af bærbare computere fra magasinerne Alt om DATA, Datatid TechLife og T3

    I dette digitale årsnummer giver vi dig et overblik over de spændende ultrabooks, gamerlaptops og mange andre bærbare, som magasinerne Alt om DATA, Datatid TechLife og T3 testede i 2012, og som scorede højst karakterer. Du kan finde både enkelttest og gruppetest af bærbare computere.
  • TechTest Lyd

    1 numero  /  € 1,16

    TechTest Lyd

    De bedste test af lydprodukter fra magasinerne Alto m DATA, Datatid TechLife og T3

    Det vrimler på markedet med teknologi, der kan afspille lyd - uanset om det er i form af hovedtelefoner, DAB/internet-radioer, pladespillere, højttalere, forstærkere, lydbarrer og meget mere. For at hjælpe dig igennem lyd-junglen, kan du i dette særnummer læse test af de bedste lyd-produkter, der er røget over testbænken i magasinerne Alt om DATA, Datatid TechLife og T3 i 2012.
  • Linux Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks Vol 2 Revised Edition

    1 numero  /  € 12,10

    Linux Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks

    Unlock the potential of open source operating systems

    Packed with step-by-step tutorials covering some of the most common distros and software available, this revised edition of Linux Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks Volume 2 is an essential guide to maximising the potential of your open-source setup. Featuring: Build your own distros - Create the distro that's right for you Tips - Secure your network, makes packages and much more Tricks - Use open source apps to enhance your system Hacks - Advanced tutorials that focus on customisation and creating
  • Windows 8 Tips, Tricks & Apps Vol 2 Revised Edition

    1 numero  /  € 12,10

    Windows 8 Tips, Tricks & Apps Vol 1

    Unlock the full potential of Windows8

    The release of Windows 8 and its new user interface let many users disoriented; how would they make their way round this new system without their usual shortcuts? With Windows 8 Tips, Tricks and Apps, you can find new shortcuts, and discover things you never knew were available to you in Windows 8, making it just as familiar as Windows 7. Featuring: Complete guide to Windows 8 - We explore all the different features that make Windows 8 stand out - including the updates that came with Windows 8.1. Tips - The essential ways of getting the most out of Windows 8, from securing your PC to making your way around the native apps Tricks - For more advanced use, utilise these tricks to make your PC do things you didn't know it was capable of. Apps - We take you through all the most popular and useful apps for Windows 8, from gaming to productivity
  • Ultimate Guide to Samsung Galaxy 2

    1 numero  /  € 1,29

    Ultimate Guide to Samsung Galaxy

    Find out how to do anything with your Samsung Galaxy device

    Samsung’s Galaxy range covers a broad selection of smartphones and tablet devices, but the one thing they all have in common is Google’s Android operating system. There are a wide range of smartphones, which include budget, mid-range and further premium models. This guide will show you how the Galaxy range has evolved, the different versions of Android from one model to the next and the variations of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface (UI) overlay.
  • iPad Apps for Highly Successful People

    1 numero  /  € 3,92

    iPad Apps for Highly Successful People

    Brilliant apps to be better in business

    The iPad’s potential to boost your career is huge. Using the 150 apps we’ve handpicked in this MagBook, you’ll learn how your beloved iPad can make you work faster and better and get you the pay rise you deserve. We’ve split this guide into 11 chapters, the first 10 looking at apps to boost your career and financial well being. In the final chapter we’ve chosen the best iPad accessories to use in the office, at home and on business trips. After going through the work-related apps, you’ll need a break, so at the end of each chapter we’ve treated you to five brilliant games to play. After all, it can’t always be work, work, work.
  • The Complete Guide to the iPad 4

    1 numero  /  € 3,92

    The Complete Guide to the iPad 4

    Discover everything you need to know about the iPad 4

    The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 is the ultimate guide to Apple's latest iPad. This digital magazine takes you under the hood of the new iPad, as you discover everything there is to know about the model. Our in-depth Get To Know The iPad 4 feature reveals every facet of Apple's tablet, and the in-depth benchmark speedtests and 4G LTE network tests show you how to get the most from using an iPad 4 in the wild. The magazine is packed with step-by-step tutorials to help you get started. From how to wirelessly sync your iPad, through to accessing services like iTunes Match and Find My iPhone up to getting the most from new features like Siri, Maps, and AirPlay, this guide will help you from iPad newcomer to iPad expert in no time.
  • 01 / 2015

    12 numeri /  € 73,19


    Europas größtes Magazin für Telekommunikation

    connect ist das Standard-Werk für alle, die in dem rasant wachsenden Markt von Smartphones, Tablets und Notebooks immer up-to-date sein wollen oder müssen. In jeder Ausgabe gibt es zahlreiche Tests der allerneusten Smartphones und Tablets, umfangreiche Bestenlisten für Geräte und Tarife und viele Hintergrundberichte. connect ist bekannt durch sein hervorragendes, eigenes Testlabor, in dem alle relevanten Strahlungs- und Leistungsmessungen vorgenommen werden. Der jährliche Netztest aktueller Telefonprovider findet Erwähnung bei ZDF, Focus und Spiegel.
  • 2 / 2014

    4 numeri /  € 19,75

    connect iOS

    Das perfekte Magazin für iPhone-, iPad- und Mac-Fans

    In connect iOS stehen die Apple-Produkte iPhone, iPad, iPod, der Mac und passendes Zubehör im Zentrum. Harte, fundierte und faire Tests von allen neuen Produkten der Apple-Welt werden von einer umfangreichen Anwendungsberatung flankiert. connect iOS erklärt einfach und verständlich, wie man neue Technologien in der Praxis am besten einsetzt.
  • HTML 5 & CSS3 Genius Guide Vol 1 Revised Edition

    1 numero  /  € 12,10

    HTML 5 & CSS3 Genius Guide

    For many, it is now an incredibly exciting time to be a web developer. Not only have HTML5 and CSS3 changed the game, but the inexorable rise of mobile browsing and responsive design has had a massive impact on the way that both users and developers perceive websites and their functionalities. This is where we step in. The HTML5 &amp; CSS3 Genius Guide has been written by and for web professionals, with the aim of raising standards everywhere through the delivery of correct and crucial information about the new digital landscape. We hope you enjoy it. Featuring:<br />User interfaces&nbsp; - Learn to construct modern user interfaces<br />Frameworks&nbsp; - Harness the power of Sass, Web Workers and more<br />Page layout&nbsp; - Structure your site with advanced design elements<br />Web apps&nbsp; - Code powerful applications for desktops and mobiles<br />Special effects&nbsp; - Improve your page animations and transitions<br />Responsive sites&nbsp; - Build content that adapts to the screen it is viewed on<br /><br />Please note: Digital versions of the bookazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.
  • Windows 8: Expert Tips and Tricks

    1 numero  /  € 5,04

    Windows 8: Expert Tips and Tricks

  • The Ultimate Guide to Google

    1 numero  /  € 6,05

    The Ultimate Guide to Google Vol 3

    For all users of PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets and smartphones

    This special publication is your complete guide to everything Google-related. The 148 pages are filled with essential guides and tutorials to help you get more from your favourite services, and even get a handle on some new ones.
  • Ultimate Guide to Windows 8

    1 numero  /  € 3,92

    Ultimate Guide to Windows 8

    Step-by-step guides

    Not since home computing was truly put on the map with the launch of Windows 95 has Microsoft delivered such a radical overhaul to its world-conquering operating system. Windows 8 has a battery of new features; it’s hard to know which monumental change to the operating system to start with. Fortunately, we’ve got them all covered in this guide – and much more. This MagBook carefully explains all the major new features in Windows 8. There are step-by-step walkthroughs to help you get to grip with the new features and we help you familiarise yourself with several of the new-style apps Microsoft has pre-installed. If you’re using Windows 8 for the first time or you are a seasoned pro, this guide will make your user experience a great deal easier.
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