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  • The Ultimate Guide to Windows 7 SP1

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    The Ultimate Guide to Windows 7 SP1

    The definitive guide to Windows!

    Microsoft has finally released its new service pack for Windows, and this expanded and updated MagBook from the team at PC Pro contains over 170 pages of expert advice, tips and tutorials to help you master Windows 7 SP1. You'll also get great advice on keeping your PC secure for free, trouble-shooting tips to ensure you can keep your PC running smoothly, as well as insider tips and tricks to getting more mileage from your laptop battery! If you're a PC user, this MagBook is a must-have reference.
  • Linux: The Complete Manual 2nd edition

    1 numero  /  € 3,68

    Linux: The Complete Manual 2nd edition

    Get more for free!

    Covering everything you need to know about using the latest version of Ubuntu, this MagBook is essential for anyone who wants access to great software without having to shell out a fortune to get it! Whether your building a computer from scratch and want to customise your software, or are tired of how slow your current Windows PC is, this updated MagBook is your key to unlocking your PC's potential whilst saving money through gaining access to free software for life!
  • Make the Most of Your Mac

    1 numero  /  € 12,40

    Make the Most of Your Mac 2011

    224 pages of expert advice and tutorials fully updated for the new ilife ‘11

    With Make the Most of Your Mac 2011 you can Learn how to: • Unleash the secrets of Snow Leopard • Get more from all of the iLife ‘11 apps • Make movies, websites, music and more… This book is for Mac users old and new who want to edit pictures, create studio-quality music, build websites, make movies – and get more from Mac OS X. This guide was made to cover everything you need to know to get even more from your Mac. Using the powerful iLife suite that comes with every Mac, this guide will help you get to grips with all of the iLife apps – iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD. It explains the essentials of these great applications and delves into the new features of the latest version of iLife ‘11.
  • No.3_Jun-11

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    Personal Computer Game Guide - Supplement

  • The iLife 11 Handbook

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    The iLife ‘11 Handbook

    Your essential guide to your Mac’s creative software

    Apple’s iLife suite is the creative heart of your Mac and is all you need to make the most of your photos, music and movies. iLife’s apps of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD are all easy to use, but are in fact very feature-rich. This guide explores all those features so you can get creative without having to spend hours and hours learning the software. You’ll discover how to make speedy edits to your photos and show them off to friends and family, learn how to create a home movie and upload it to the internet, as well as how to make music and even learn an instrument without any prior musical knowledge!
  • May 2014

    3 numeri /  € 12,32

    PC Powerplay

    Australia's No 1 PC games mag

    PC PowerPlay is Australia's original and best-selling PC games magazine, with 100% Australian content. Its distinctive, informed and amusing style is widely respected. Offering a mix of games and hardware coverage, the magazine gives a complete picture for the PC entertainment enthusiast. Breaking news of new games, detailing reviews of upcoming games, and helping readers make sense of the array of hardware and tech products that hit the market each month. PC Powerplay doesn’t just promote tech, it benchmarks and analyses it to help gamers make the most intelligent purchasing decision.
  • Mar-12

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    Drupal Watchdog

    Drupal Watchdog Magazine

    Drupal Watchdog is a print magazine dedicated entirely to Drupal, an industry-leading open source content management platform used to power millions of websites.
  • May 2014

    12 numeri /  € 41,03

    PC & Tech Authority

    Tech advice you can trust

    PC & Tech Authority is Australia's premier computer magazine and the ultimate monthly technology buyer’s guide. Every issue is packed with the latest products, reviewed by an expert team of technical writers and guarantees more Aussie exclusives and first looks than any other Australian PC magazine. Delivering expert reviews, group tests and in-depth features we cut through the hype so you know that you’re getting the best tech for your money.
  • 2011

    1 numero  /  € 7,37

    Ultimate Gadget Guide 2011

    The comprehensive guide to home technology

    Whether it’s a TV, a camera, a sound system or a tablet computer, this guide provides all the advice you will need to choose the right product for you. There’s a run-down of the 100 best mobile phone apps and pages of guidance showing how you can get the best out of today’s technology and avoid its pitfalls. The guide is packed with expert advice and will appeal to both technophobes and the more tech-savvy who are looking to gain a little more knowledge.
  • The Independent Guide to the Mac 4th edition

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    The Independent Guide to the Mac 4th edition

    The ultimate guide to Apple's range

    The Independent Guide to the Mac 4th edition. If you have a Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPad, this must-have expert written guide to the whole Apple range is for you! Updated to contain all the new Apple products for 2011-2012, you’ll find all the advice, user guides and tips to help you master your gadget with ease. Whether you're looking to use your Mac for business or pleasure, with dedicated iLife and iWork chapters you'll gain all you need to know to maximise the potential of your Mac. For pleasure seekers there are jargon-free guides to mastering iTunes; downloading your favourite books from the iBookstore; guides to editing and uploading movies using the Mac's great iMovie programme, as well as tips on synching your Apple products. For the more serious Mac user there are workshops focused on using Windows on the Mac, utilising the Numbers program to create spreadsheets and graphs, as well as a thorough guide to Keystone - Apple's sophisticated presentation program.
  • Ultimate Guide to Cloud Computing

    1 numero  /  € 3,68

    Ultimate Guide to Cloud Computing

    Featuring all the essential tips, crafty techniques and information you need, this fully updated 260-page publication is the definitive guide to whole Apple range for 2010/2011, and is a must have for any switched on individual. Covering the iPad, iPod, iPhone 4 and Mac desktops and laptops, the guide’s step-by-step masterclasses will help you do more with ease and in less time, and with workshops covering everything from editing movies to producing spreadsheets this really is the only Mac guide you’ll need.
  • Independent Guide to Ebay 2014

    1 numero  /  € 1,22

    Independent Guide to Ebay


    The Independent Guide to eBay 2012. Across the 164 pages of this guide you'll find the secrets of being an eBay pro, and learn how to master the tricks and applications guaranteed to help you earn or save a mint in the world's most lucrative marketplace. With over 130 eBay software tools, websites and services tried, tested and reviewed, along with expert advice on exactly what you need to get started on eBay and, more importantly, how to maximise your sales potential. From help on setting up your PayPal Account and putting together a good listing to explanations on how to set up your own eBay shop - this guide reveals how to use eBay to your advantage and make serious money out of your unwanted items. Additional features include key security advice including details for the most common eBay cons to look out for, advice on keeping you PayPal account secure, as well as advice on how to use the eBay's complaints procedure when things go wrong.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Android Tablets

    1 numero  /  € 3,68

    Ultimate Guide to Android Tablets

    With Android tablets set to challenge Apple’s IPad 2 for the Christmas market this year, we take an in-depth look at what the platform has to offer the masses, and how users can get the most out of it in terms of programs and apps. We’ll also assess a variety of Android tablets and must-have accessories to ensure readers make the right buying decision.
  • January 2014

    1 numero  /  € 1,78


    Integrating Tech in Your Lifestyle

    Exhibit is the most read Magazine in India, and today it has crossed all boundries with its global content on tech, Lifestyle, Cars, Mobile Apps ,Reviews ,Gadgets.
  • The Independent Guide to the iPhone 4S

    1 numero  /  € 3,68

    The Independent Guide to the iPhone 4S

    If you've just bought an iPhone, this fully updated MagBook from the team at MacUser is your ideal companion to mastering Apple's most desirable phone. Providing tutorials to help you master your phone easily and covering every new feature and development, this MagBook gives you all you need to optimise your phone's great features, applications and multi-media add-ons. Essentially, this is the user guide Apple forgot to include with the iPhone!
  • Vol 1.3

    4 numeri /  € 8,86

    MPVHub Audio

    MPVHub Audio magazine is a quarterly periodical dedicated to musicians using computers to make music. Bursting with detailed music tutorials, software & gear reviews, and interviews with industry-leading audio producers, MPVHub Audio magazine is a one-stop-shop for DAW power users! Get MPVHub Audio today for the Special Introductory Price of $0.99!
  • May 2014

    6 numeri /  € 10,50

    NAG Magazine

    SA's leading gaming, computer & technology magazine

    NAG is the South African authority on local & international trends in computer, console, online & mobile gaming. The magazine's contempory content covers video gaming, computers, gaming consoles, computer peripherals, gadgets, computer hardware and anything else that relates to having interactive fun in the 21st century; and also profiles the technology, people and companies driving the multi-billion-dollar international gaming industry. NAG features a strong opinion contingency of topical and relevant information, which keeps gamers of all backgrounds up to speed with the fast-paced gaming industry.
  • Ultimate Guide to Amazon Kindle 2

    1 numero  /  € 3,68

    Ultimate Guide to Amazon Kindle

    The full buyers’ guide

    Undoubtedly one of the most desirable and affordable gadgets of 2011/2012, the Kindle (and the wider Kindle family) is hugely responsible for huge shift to digital book publishing. This guide walks you through everything you need to know about the kindle, hidden tricks and tips and also looks at the competition including the Kobo and Nook.
  • Vol. 2

    1 numero  /  € 6,09

    Android Apps Spezial

    400 Apps & Spiele im Test

    In diesem Sonderheft erfährst du auf über 180 Seiten, welche Apps etwas taugen und es wert sind, installiert zu werden. Lass dich also an der Hand nehmen und durch den App-Dschungel führen – Jede vorgestellte App wurde von uns ausführlich getestet und bewertet. So kannst du sicher sein, die richtige App zu installieren und deren gibt es zur Genüge, egal für welche Kategorie.
  • Avril-Mai 2012

    1 numero  /  € 5,81

    Micro Pratique HS

    Le Hors Série de Micro Pratique
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