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  • April 2014

    12 numeri /  € 26,56

    Harper's Bazaar Singapore

    Bold, opulent and provocative, Harper’s BAZAAR is the style bible for the well-dressed woman.

    Bold, opulent and provocative, Harper’s BAZAAR is the style bible for the well-dressed woman with the well-dressed mind. Known internationally for our blend of intelligent commentary and dynamic photography, BAZAAR is the first and last word in fashion. The Singapore edition of Harper´s BAZAAR brings style and substance to all aspects of contemporary life through a sophisticated and diverse array of articles, blending intelligent comment and stimulating features with outstanding photography, glamour and informed round-ups of the best in fashion, accessories, health and beauty, restaurants, travel, the arts and interior design.
  • Mayo 2014

    12 numeri /  € 21,31

    Elle Portugal

    ELLE é a revista feminina de moda número um em todo o mundo.

    A ELLE é a revista de moda internacional para mulheres sofisticadas, independentes e com um assumido estilo próprio. Os criadores mais conceituados. O que há de novo nas passerelles e nas lojas. Mês a mês, as suas páginas revelam-nos as últimas tendências de beleza e lifestyle. Mostramos tudo o que está na vanguarda em termos culturais e os novos hotspots sociais.
  • April 21, 2014

    51 numeri /  € 59,05


    The UK's bestselling fashion magazine.

    Every week, LOOK is packed with the latest high-street fashion, insider tips and styling advice, as well as the hottest beauty news and products. In addition, there are up-to-the minute celebrity news, in-depth interviews and must-read features on a range of subjects from the UK and abroad.
  • May 2014

    12 numeri /  € 24,74

    Vogue Ukraine

    Vogue Украина, украинская версия самого влиятельного журнала мод в мире: украинский по содержанию, европейский по форме, мировой по уровню.

    Vogue Украина, украинская версия самого влиятельного журнала мод в мире. Издается в Украине с февраля 2013 года. Аутентичный украинский контент в гармоничном сочетании с самой актуальной информацией о моде и культуре со всего мира создает совершенно уникальный украинский Vogue. Vogue Украина: украинский по содержанию, европейский по форме, мировой по уровню.
  • N. 10

    1 numero  /  € 14,34

    Kid's Collections

    Plus de 150 collections de mode enfantine présentées en avant-première. Ce répertoire international des collections est indispensable.
  • April 2014

    10 numeri /  € 8,82


    With its unique sense of style and a keen pop culture sensibility, Nylon gives today's young woman a modern twist to fashion, beauty, music and more.
  • May 2014

    12 numeri /  € 44,24

    Marie Claire Australia

    Australia's No.1 fashion magazine.

    Marie claire’s unique editorial mix delivers you an entertaining, exciting and intelligent read every month with the perfect balance of substance and style. From the latest fashion and beauty to lifestyle and food, be informed and inspired each month by Australia’s No. 1 fashion magazine.
  •  No.10 Fall - Winter 2014-15

    2 numeri /  € 63,44

    Close-Up Cocktail&Evening Women

    Close-up Cocktail&Evening looks to evening wear of Autumn/Winter collections, with a range of cocktail dresses and evening gowns

    Close-up Cocktail&Evening publishes the widest, most exhaustive analysis of woman's evening wear, picked up from the latest catwalks in Paris, Milan, London, New York. 2 issues per year, immediately after the fashion shows.
  • Fall/Winter 2014/15 No.8

    2 numeri /  € 63,44

    Close-Up Bijoux Women


    The widest, most exhaustive analysis of women jewellery, picked up from the catwalks in Paris, Milan, London, New York. 2 issues per year, immediately after the fashion shows.
  • No.271_Apr-14

    12 numeri /  € 25,89

    ELLE 她雜誌


  • Fall - Winter 2014 - 15

    2 numeri /  € 85,40

    Close-Up Men Shoes

    Men Fashion

    Sneakers, booths, elegant and sporty shoes, all the models presented on the international catwalks
  • Abril 2014

    12 numeri /  € 15,41

    Glamour España

    La revista de moda y belleza más vendida en España.

    Glamour la revista para las mujeres apasionadas. Mes a mes te damos las claves para triunfar con estilo, un mundo de posibilidades sólo para ti. Marcamos tendencia y te decimos qué se lleva cada temporada: los looks más trendy y las prendas indispensables. Además ponemos a tu alcance lo último en belleza, viajes, celebrities, trabajo, amigos, ocio, gadgets, y mucho más.
  • May 2014

    12 numeri /  € 36,91

    Red UK

    For the best things in life

    From gorgeous fashion, beauty, food and interiors to brilliantly written features and health, Red magazine is an intelligent, glossy read that offers the best things in life. And for a daily Red fix, there’s From what-to-cook-tonight to booking a weekend away to shopping with the Red fashion team, it’s the best things in life – every day.
  • April 2014

    12 numeri /  € 27,45

    Harper's Bazaar HK

    Great Style is Always Bazaar!

    "HARPER'S BAZAAR領導潮流,每月為你網羅世界最入時的時裝、美容及生活時尚資訊,為每位愛時尚及別具生活品味的讀者, 提供最更緊貼潮流的時尚元素。BAZAAR的風格,就正是高級時尚世界的最佳闡釋。"
  • Abril 2014

    12 numeri /  € 20,23

    Vogue Mexico

    Antes de que esté de moda, está en Vogue

    Vogue México es el referente de moda y estilo de vida, que impone tendencias, consagra artistas y crea iconos. La revista mensual más influyente en moda, belleza y lujo del país. 12 ejemplares + 7 especiales al año. Incluye especial "Belleza".
  • May-14

    12 numeri /  € 43,43

    Good Housekeeping

    The magazine read by 25 million women every month!

    Good Housekeeping - Home of the Good Housekeeping Seal and your best source for saving time, money, and hassle.
  • May-14

    12 numeri /  € 17,71


    The magazine that helps every woman become the “DO” she was born to be.

    Glamour is a magazine that translates style and trends for the real lives of American women. Our award-winning editorial covers the most pressing interests of our 12.4 million readers: from beauty, fashion and health to politics, Hollywood and relationships.
  • 18 Abril 2014
  • 16 Abril 2014

    26 numeri /  € 45,36

    Grazia - España

    Cuando la actualidad se viste de moda y las tendencias se visten de actualidad.

    GRAZIA seduce a través de su fórmula ‘easy chic’, la sofisticación de lo simple, acercando semanalmente a sus lectores lo último, lo más buscado, en materia de moda, mezclando las tendencias internacionales con estilos y preferencias locales. Pero la moda no es todo. Porque no existe GRAZIA sin las últimas noticias de actualidad, las entrevistas a grandes personajes y reportajes que darán que hablar.
  • Dicembre 2013

    4 numeri /  € 17,08

    L'Officiel Italia

    Seasonal fashion book for an elegant woman

    Launched in September 2012, L'Officiel Italia presents the latest international trends about fashion, beauty, jewellery, art and design. It rediscovers the Italian craftsmanship together with an avant-garde approach. Lanciato a Settembre 2012, L'Officiel Italia offre ai suoi lettori gli ultimi trends internazionali nel campo della moda, della bellezza, dei gioielli, dell'arte e del design, valorizza il savoir-faire italiano e le antiche tradizioni del "Made in Italy" attraverso una creatività d'avant-garde.
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