moda femminile

  • February 2015

    12 numeri /  € 31,26

    Harper's Bazaar HK

    Great Style is Always Bazaar!

    "HARPER'S BAZAAR領導潮流,每月為你網羅世界最入時的時裝、美容及生活時尚資訊,為每位愛時尚及別具生活品味的讀者, 提供最更緊貼潮流的時尚元素。BAZAAR的風格,就正是高級時尚世界的最佳闡釋。"
  • February 2015

    12 numeri /  € 8,00

    Allure Russia

    ALLURE – легендарный журнал о красоте.

    ALLURE – легендарный журнал о красоте. Для Allure работают лучшие парикмахеры и визажисты, снимают ведущие фотографы, пишут знаменитые авторы. За непредвзятые оценки и смелые сюжеты Allure признан мировым экспертом в индустрии красоты
  • February 2015

    12 numeri /  € 43,43


    The largest-selling young women's magazine in the world, Cosmopolitan is famous for its upbeat style, focus on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Since its founding in 1886, Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends.
  • February 2015

    12 numeri /  € 20,17


    The magazine that helps every woman become the “DO” she was born to be.

    Glamour is a magazine that translates style and trends for the real lives of American women. Our award-winning editorial covers the most pressing interests of our 12.4 million readers: from beauty, fashion and health to politics, Hollywood and relationships.
  • February 2015

    12 numeri /  € 12,47

    InStyle Russia

    InStyle - знаменитый журнал о звездах, вещах и красивой жизни.

    Словосочетание InStyle не требует перевода. Стиль — это то, к чему каждый стремится, но не всегда находит. Стиль — это дыхание времени. Индивидуальность. Свой особый взгляд на мир. В конце концов, просто гармония с собой. И задача InStyle — помочь найти свой неповторимый стиль всем, кто действительно этого хочет. InStyle — это реалистичный журнал. Он приводит читателей в магазины. Главная цель покупки InStyle — это цель покупать вещи со страниц журнала.
  • February 2015

    10 numeri /  € 16,49

    Numéro Russia

    Numéro – легендарный журнал о моде.

    Numéro – легендарный журнал о моде.
  • February 2015

    12 numeri /  € 37,06

    ELLE Australia

    ELLE Australia is the ultimate destination for the sexy, spirited and stylish woman.

    ELLE Australia is the ultimate destination for the sexy, spirited and stylish woman. Immerse yourself in gorgeous images, chic ideas, moving writing and thought-provoking features, with unparalleled access to the coolest celebrities and most fascinating people, the essential heads-up on pop culture, and the very best beauty and lifestyle in the country.
  • N. 19

    2 numeri /  € 59,73

    Vogue Collections

    Toutes les tendances de la mode dans 1 N°, à recevoir immédiatement !

    Londres, Milan, Paris, New York: Tous les défilés de Haute Couture dans un seul magazine. La référence de la mode.
  • Januari 2015

    12 numeri /  € 32,45

    ELLE Belgïe

    Het handelsmerk van vrouwelijkheid dat tot dromen inspireert, ontspant, verrast en emotie opwekt. Elle informeert en begeleidt de vrouw in alle hoeken van de wereld.
  • March 2015

    12 numeri /  € 49,75

    Marie Claire - UK

    Provocative features, outstanding fashion, inspiring beauty

    Your life made easier - every day. Marie Claire is the monthly women's glossy that combines provocative features with outstanding fashion and beauty to inspire every woman who wants to think smart and look amazing.
  • Autumn-Winter 2014

    2 numeri /  € 20,23


    世界が注目する、世界に伝えたい、Japan's Arts & Culture。食、住、旅、アートなど、伝統とモダンが息づくライフスタイルを提案する英文雑誌です。Kateigaho International Edition - The definitive source for insight into Japan’s arts and culture.

    日本の文化を日本人の視点で世界に向けて発信する、唯一の雑誌として創刊。『家庭画報』から受け継ぐハイクオリティーなコンテンツ、大判で美しいビジュアルと、洗練された英語表現で、日本の素顔を世界中の読者に伝える定期ムックです。食の伝統文化や職人技が生み出す意匠から、四季を愛でる旅、注目のエリア案内まで、幅広いジャンルのトピックスを多角的に紹介します。 Kateigaho International Edition is the world’s only lavishly pictorial English magazine that illuminates the fascinating diversity of Japanese culture. It aims to give readers around the world the same in-depth appreciation of Japan’s aesthetics and cultural values that its domestic edition has brought to readers for a half-century. Here is your key to discovering not only Japan’s traditions and arts, but also practical lifestyle ideas, how to travel Japan like an insider, today’s icons and trends…and more.
  • Febrero 2015

    12 numeri /  € 12,10

    Marie Claire - España

    Moda con emoción

    Marie Claire es una ventana abierta al mundo, al placer, al estilo, a las emociones y los descubrimientos. Es mucho más que una revista femenina de moda; es una revista para mujeres con personalidadque disfrutan del periodismo de calidad.
  • Spr/Sum 2014 No.12

    2 numeri /  € 88,00

    Close-Up Print Women

    Detailed research into printed motifs

    The widest, most exhaustive analysis of printed motifs picked up from the latest catwalks in Paris, Milan, London, New York. 2 issues per year, immediately after the fashion shows.
  • Spring / Summer 2015

    2 numeri /  € 88,00

    Close-Up Skirt&Trousers Women

    A complete overview of every possible trouser and skirt shape, length and material

    The widest, most exhaustive analysis of woman skirt and trousers models, picked up from the catwalks in Paris, Milan, London, New York. 2 issues per year, immediately after the fashion shows.
  • Spring / Summer 2015

    2 numeri /  € 106,01

    Runway Kids

    Kids Fashion

    Focus on Pitti Bimbo Florence and Fimi Valencia fashion shows, all the proposal in over 300 colour pages
  • Printemps - Ete 2015

    2 numeri /  € 26,28

    Marie Claire Fashion Shows

    Le meilleur des tendances repéré pour vous à Paris, Milan, Londres et New York

    Si vous essayez de suivre les tendances,mais que vous êtes vite dépassé par la frénésie des défilés, Marie Claire Fashion Shows est fait pour vous ! Vous y trouverez classés par ordre alphabétique tous les défilés en fonction de la saison, d'Acne à Yves Saint Laurent, en passant par Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel et Burberry.
  • Janvier 2015

    11 numeri /  € 19,11

    Marie France

    Le magazine des femmes actives et épanouies

    Mode, beauté, psycho, bien être, santé, art de vivre, culture…Marie France parle de vous, des sujets qui vous passionnent et vous invite à profiter pleinement de votre vie avec audace et énergie
  • Febrero 2015

    12 numeri /  € 16,12

    Glamour España

    La revista de moda y belleza más vendida en España.

    Glamour la revista para las mujeres apasionadas. Mes a mes te damos las claves para triunfar con estilo, un mundo de posibilidades sólo para ti. Marcamos tendencia y te decimos qué se lleva cada temporada: los looks más trendy y las prendas indispensables. Además ponemos a tu alcance lo último en belleza, viajes, celebrities, trabajo, amigos, ocio, gadgets, y mucho más.
  • No. 12

    4 numeri /  € 29,28

    Book Moda Woman

    The magazine is about the best from fashion, design, art , society and culture.

    Where Book Mod@ can therefore claim to be a reference book, for those who want to know more about the quarterly developments in the 3 Fs, the most symbolic of the “Made in Italy” label, Fashion, Food and Furniture.
  • February 2015

    6 numeri /  € 11,82

    VOGUE 服饰与美容

    Before it’s in fashion, it’s in VOGUE 全球百年时尚盛典

    Vogue China is published by Condé Nast in collaboration with China Pictorial. It is the 16th edition of the famous title, which was originally launched in 1892 and is internationally renowned as ‘the fashion bible’. Since its launch in 2005, Vogue China has worked closely with the world’s pre-eminent photographers, stylists, supermodels and designers, rapidly achieving recognition as one of the most influential Vogue editions. Vogue China is committed to finding and encouraging local design talents to promote the development of the fashion industry in China, and to continue providing its readers with the very best in fashion journalism. 《Vogue服饰与美容》由康泰纳仕公司与人民画报社合作出版,是创立于1892年、被国际时尚界誉为“时尚圣经”的《Vogue》这一的著名时尚杂志品牌的第16个国际版本。自2005年面市发行7年以来,《Vogue服饰与美容》致力于与世界顶尖的摄影师、造型师、超模和设计师们一起亲密合作,以权威的国际潮流和本土化的视角聚集了一群欣赏其精良制作和品位的忠实核心读者,并前所未有地在短期内成为《Vogue》所有版本中最有影响力的版本之一。《Vogue服饰与美容》承诺激励和寻找最优秀的本地设计人才,拓展跨领域合作项目,积极推动中国时尚行业各环节的联手发展,并将继续为其读者提供最优质的时尚阅读体验。
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