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  • Avril 2014

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    Capital France

    Toute l'actualité économique chez vous

    Capital, c'est chaque mois des enquêtes sur les acteurs de l'économie, des analyses sur les stratégies d'entreprise, des dossiers sectoriels approfondis, et le décryptage de toute l'actualité économique.
  • Avril 2014

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    Management France

    Bien vivre son job

    Management répond au défi que nous devons tous relever : réussir l’équilibre entre travail et vie privée. Management vous accompagne tant dans votre développement personnel que pour la gestion de votre carrière ! Chaque mois, retrouvez des personnalités du monde des affaires, des cas d'entreprise décryptés, analysés et surtout le guide du manager : des conseils de professionnels pour vous aider à piloter votre carrière.
  • Decembre 2012

    1 numero  /  € 6,56

    Management Hors-Série

    Le Hors-Série de Management
  • No.1773_Apr-12-14

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  • 2013
  • 1/2014

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    Strategien für den Geschäftserfolg

    Business&IT ist die unverzichtbare Informationsquelle bei Investitions- und Managemententscheidungen. Der reibungslose Ablauf von Geschäftsprozessen ist Basis für unternehmerischen Erfolg. Business&IT bildet diese unternehmenskritischen Prozesse in den redaktionellen Themen ab und zeigt in einer praxisnahen Berichterstattung, wie diese Prozesse selbst oder mithilfe externer Dienstleister optimal gesteuert werden.
  • April 2014

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    Money Australia

    Money magazine helps you manage your finances by cutting through the jargon to deliver clear and precise information to help you save money and make the most of your investments. Each issue, you'll enjoy credible, well-researched reports and expert commentary from some of Australia's most respected financial writers.
  • Jobstreet Jumpstart Your Career

    1 numero  /  € 3,54

    Jobstreet : Jumpstart Your Career

    Having the career of your dreams isn’t impossible. You just need to be diligent, persistent and positive. Stay true to the tips and suggestions in this book and you’ll stand a better chance of bagging your dream job! It’s normal for any fresh graduate and newbie job seeker to feel apprehensive about starting a career. With so much information to process you will need a guide as you chart your career path. With’s Jumpstart Your Career, you can: - Get an idea on the current state of the Philippines workforce, here and abroad - Discover insider tips on a myriad of industries - Find out which career will suit you best - Learn how online job hunting works - Write a winning resume that will get you noticed - Ace that interview - Create a checklist of paperwork required for all job seekers and employees
  • No 223 Nov13 - Jan14

    11 numeri /  € 37,71

    World Investor New Zealand

    World Investor exists unashamedly to help people build wealth and enjoy it. Since 1994 it has built an enviable reputation for providing informative, educational and, above all, useful information. Topics range from bonds, shares and property to business investments, trading strategies, jewellery, cars, art and luxury living.
  • April 2014

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    Capital Entrepreneur 資本企業家

    For Those Who Dare To Take Up The Challenge And Win

    CAPITAL Entrepreneur is tailored for those "who dare to dream of success". It covers life stories of successful entrepreneurs in business ventures and inspires rising entrepreneurs whose ideas are the seeds of tomorrow's success. 《資本才俊》–集財經資訊和生活享受於一身的商業月刊,訪問不同行業精英,管理高層和企業家,探討市場趨勢及先見、分享職場上和創業之路的致勝之道,並且緊貼新
  • No.5213_Mar-09-14

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    団塊の世代とその家族を中心に、幅広く支持されています。政治・経済・社会情勢を鋭く分析することで、硬派なスクープ記事も満載。※デジタル版には「進学情報」など収録されていない記事がございますのでご了 承願います。
  • Entrepreneur Its your Money

    1 numero  /  € 3,54

    Entrepreneur It's your Money

    Spend it, Save it, Invest it and lead a debt-free life

    It's time you enjoy your own money. Pick it up and know what you should do to achieve financial freedom-NOW! If you need help putting your financial house in order, this book is for you. We want you to get out of your financial woes, and put you on the track to a more fulfilled life. ENTREPRENEUR Philippines explores with you the world of personal finance—after all, practicing the principles of sound personal money management makes it all the easier for you to build a thriving enterprise founded on financial prudence and solid profits.
  • No.24

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    Business Today Special Issue 今周刊理財贏家雙月刊


  • No.8

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    CommonHealth Magazine body Special Issue 康健身體百科


    《身體百科2013套刊》三大特色 ★2013全新出版,提供腎臟、婦科、骨科、腦神經強健×預防×治療的完整解答,今年加碼新增癌症百科 ★採訪台灣各大醫院權威醫師,將深奧難懂的醫學知識,簡化為淺白易懂的資訊 ★搭配活潑生動的插圖、照片和圖表,利於全家共讀的優良讀物 注意:本刊物發刊日不定期出刊
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