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  • Celebrity Real Life Stories
    Celebrity Real Life Stories

    All the tragedies, truths and triumphs!

    In our 76 page celebrity real life special we reveal the heart-breaking stories behind some of the world's biggest stars. From Britney Spears' public meltdown and Kelly Osbourne's drug addiction to Twitter's most scandalous moments and the A-List arrests that shocked Hollywood!
  • Best Homes
    Best Homes

    Luxury Houses & Apartments in Greater Sydney

    Best Homes showcases the best and most prestigious homes from builders across the country. Providing you with the right information as well as the inspiration for you to turn your dream home or apartment into a reality.
  • Town & Country Travel
    Town & Country Travel

    Town & Country Travel

    Town & Country features the latest in luxury, from beautiful homes, sumptuous dining to exotic locations. In 11 gorgeous annual issues, Town & Country covers the arts, fashion and culture, bringing the best of everything to America's trendsetters
  • Smart Beauty Special
    Marie Claire Smart Beauty Special

    Marie Claire Smart Beauty Special

    Marie Claire brings you the amazing Smart Beauty Special! The special includes five fantastic interviews with famous women from MP Gloria Di Piera to DJ Jameela Jamil about how they consume tech, their favourite websites and the kit they swear by. The special also covers the latest must have apps for fitness, dating and all things fashion!
  • Oasis
    NME Special Collectors´ Magazine - Oasis

    NME Special Collectors' Magazine - Oasis

    This year, Oasis’ first two albums – ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? – have been reissued. Looking back now, and taking the current music scene into consideration, it’s hard to imagine how big, how culturally relevant and how all-conquering Oasis were from 1994 – 1996. In his new book about ‘Definitely Maybe’ for the 33 1/3 series, author Alex Niven sums it up like so: ‘Oasis wrote songs that came closer to narrating the collective hopes and dreams of a people than any other band in the last quarter century.’ They sold more albums than any other band. They played bigger gigs than any other band. They had more newspaper articles written about them than any other band. They were better than any other band. And this NME Collector’s Edition is an attempt to bottle up and present the wild spirit of the times: Liam’s charisma, Noel’s inability to write a bad song, the hope, optimism and chaos that followed the band. Over 100 pages it tells the story of every song they wrote, recorded and released during the time, delves into the NME, Melody Maker and VOX archives to pick out some classic interviews, and builds up to the peak of their career: playing to a quarter of a million people at Knebworth Park in August 1996. Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Paul ‘Guigsy’ McGuigan, Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs, Tony McCarroll and Alan White: you changed thousands of lives just by being you. Live forever.
  • Junio 2014
    Bike Edición Especial Triatlón

    Reunimos la mejor información alrededor del triatlón para ayudarte alcanzar tus metas.

    La revista TRIATLÓN llega a México para ayudar a los lectores a dominar agua, viento y tierra en su primera competencia o impulsar a los más experimentados a concretar metas más altas. En ella, un grupo de especialistas y triatletas destacados dota a los lectores de todos los consejos que necesitan para debutar en la distancia sprint y olímpica o, bien, conquistar el mítico Ironman. En TRIATLÓN está todo, desde planes de entrenamiento y artículos enfocados a la nutrición, hasta guías prácticas para mantener la motivación en alto.
  • Autumn 2014
    Wisconsin Magazine of History

    By collecting, preserving, and sharing our stories, we help people connect to the past by publishing the best in Wisconsin history and culture.

    The Wisconsin Magazine of History is a full-color quarterly magazine that informs and delights readers with intriguing articles about Wisconsin culture and the people, places and events of Wisconsin's past.
  •  Breakfast & Brunch
    Breakfast & Brunch

    Traditional breakfast ingredients get a twist in this recipe-packed magazine.

    Traditional breakfast ingredients get a twist in this recipe-packed magazine. Plenty of egg, pancake, and oatmeal recipes—along with fruit-filled breakfasts and customizable smoothies—satisfy morning cravings with fresh approaches to wake-up time. For wholesome adventure, biscuits get fresh attention from savory gravies, sweet sauces, and overflowing fillings. Every breakfast lover will find recipes to explore and adore no matter what time of day you serve these delicious delights!
  • No 1
    Go Travel The Pacific

    The best Pacific vacation options

    GO TRAVEL THE PACIFIC takes the reader on a journey through the Pacific Islands. The stories regionalize the islands and make it simple for the reader to understand. Different attractions, accommodation and activity options. Read interesting genuine experience stories and gain a local insight into what is really available. The 'real' Pacific. Packed full of amazing features on interesting culture, together with the best diving or fishing operators, as well as shopping and dining secrets, it’s all here with beautiful colour palates that complement the wonderful genuine experience stories.
  • No.56_Oct-16-14


  • Agosto-Septiembre 2014
    OZ Magazine

    La Revista Inteligente de Vida y Estilo

    OZ Magazine no es la tradicional revista de estilo de vida. Es un producto dirigido a la nueva generación de lectores que buscan una publicación brillante con un alto estándar de calidad, al ofrecer un contenido analítico y en boga. Reseña lo mejor del diseño, la arquitectura, cultura, tecnología y relojería. Cubre las tendencias gastronómicas, los mejores hoteles y destinos del mundo; los vehículos más elegantes y tecnológicamente avanzados, al mismo tiempo que recomienda lo mejor de la industria de la belleza. Oz Magazine reseña lo más novedoso alrededor del orbe, a través de historias con sustancia y fondo dentro de los círculos mas privilegiados; un compañero bien informado capaz de comunicarse en todos los sentidos de la palabra.
  • Agosto-Septiembre 2014
    GRIP México

    La mejor cobertura del Tenis en México

    GRIP México , Revista imprescindible para estar al tanto de lo que ocurre en el mundo del TENIS con la mejor calidad fotográfica y periodística. Medio con mayor presencia en el tenis latinoamericano, con una gran cobertura nacional e internacional. Presencia on-site y cobertura de los torneos de mayor renombre: Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open y Copa Davis.
  • Volume 1
    The Windows 8 Book

    The independent guide to mastering your PC

    The Windows 8 Book explores everything that Microsoft’s most advanced OS ever has to offer. Follow detailed tutorials on getting the most from the Start screen, setting up your desktop, and tweaking your PC’s advanced settings. The bookazine also explores the best apps on offer in the Windows Store, so you can personalise your PC for the ultimate home computing experience.. Featuring: Complete guide to Windows 8 - Find out more about what this modern OS has to offer Guide to the Windows 8 apps - Discover how you can get the most from the Start screen apps Microsoft Office - Get the most from Word, Excel and Powerpoint Essential apps - The 100 best apps for everything from work to leisure
  • Septiembre 20, 2014
    Grazia México

    Porque una vez al mes no es suficiente

    Grazia es el aliado de la mujer que entiende su deseo por estar informada de las últimas noticias y vidas de las celebridades, sin olvidarse de lo importante que es la moda y la belleza en su vida cotidiana. Para mujeres que quieren lucir como sus celebridades favoritas, estar al último grito de la moda y conocer las tendencias de belleza mundiales para hacerlas suyas en el día a día.
  • Issue 16:2014
    Developing Leaders

    The Essential Leadership Development Quarterly

    Big picture leadership, fine-tuned. A cross-discipline approach to the art and science of leadership, with research, opinion and practical advice from the world’s foremost business thinkers and practitioners.
  • Edicion 82

    Revista de Decoracion Interiorismo y Arquitectura

    Revista especializada en ofrecer ideas y soluciones de decoración, interiorismo y arquitectura, una recorrido por hermosas casas de México, una publicación que es referencia para mejorar el estilo de vida y los hogares de nuestros lectores.
  • Volume 2 Issue 4
    Australian Cupcakes and Inspiration

    Create amazing cucpakes and other inspirational masterpeices

    This magazine is Full of inspirational projects including cupcakes, cookies, pop cakes and other easy to make ideas, tutorials & much more.
  • No.1_Sep-14
    今日からすぐに使える! Surface Pro 3 スタートガイド


    すべてが新しいSurface Pro 3を徹底的に使いこなす! 最強のタブレットPC「Surface Pro 3」を使いはじめるためのスタートガイド。 Surface Pro 3は、最新OSのWindows 8.1 Proを搭載した仕事にもエンタメにも本気で使える1台です。 本書では、Surfaceで押さえておきたい設定項目やバッテリー持ちをよくするカスタマイズ方法、 Windows 8.1をタッチ&ペンで快適に操作するための方法を解説。 Surfaceペンで思いついたことをすばやくOneNoteにメモしたり、 リモートデスクトップで仕事用のパソコンを操作したり、ワイヤレスで画面をテレビに映したりと、 より薄く軽くなったSurface Pro 3ならではの活用法も満載! ビジネス&エンタメそれぞれのおすすめアプリや困ったときのトラブルQ&Aも収録。 これまでWindowsパソコンを使っていて、 Surface Pro 3でタッチ&ペン生活を初める方にぴったりの1冊です。
  • No.1_Aug-14
    写真図解でわかりやすい マンネリを打破する写真上達の教室

    ひとつ上の写真が撮れる! 豊富な手順写真で学べる定番技法と打破技法

    本書では、さまざまな写真知識やテクニックを織り交ぜつつ、被写体のとらえ方を提案し、「風景」「スナップ」「ポートレート」「テーブルフォト」の4ジャンルの「定番カット」から「打破カット」までを、豊富な写真図解とともに紹介しています。 ひとつ上の写真を撮るためのプロセスをすべて写真で解説しているので、写真を追っていくだけで撮影方法がわかります。 読めば確実に写真が変わる、新感覚の技術本です。 ●本書は、こんな方にオススメです。 「人とは違う写真が撮りたい」「かっこいい写真を撮ってみたい」「情景を印象的に切り取りたい」「いつも同じような写真ばかり撮ってしまう」という方。 風景、花、スナップ、動物、人、雑貨などの被写体別の撮影のコツを身に付けたい方。 写真セミナーを受けてみたいけど、「敷居が高そう」と感じている方。
  • Lente / Somer 2014
    Lééf Mooi soos 'n Beminde

    “Mooi soos 'n beminde” is the perfect read for the Afrikaans-speaking woman wanting to celebrate her inner beauty. This bookazine honours every woman's natural beauty and helps her in finding joy in her daily beauty routine. "Mooi soos ’n beminde" nourishes her spirit and empowers her to live life to the full.
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