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  • Noviembre 2014
    Revista Mercados&Tendencias

    Revista líder de negocios en Centromaérica y Caribe

    Con ocho años en Centroamérica y el Caribe,Mercados & Tendencias es una de las publicaciones de negocios líderes en la región dirigida a empresarios, CEOs, líderes de negocios y finanzas, con circulación en Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá y República Dominicana y editada por Grupo Cerca.
  • All About History Book of History Year By Year
    All About History Book of History Year By Year

    Documenting the evolution of the world

    From ancient civilisations to medieval times, volume one of History Year by Year gives you an in-depth insight into the events that shaped the world. From the origins of humanity throughout to the colonisation of the planet and the rise of the Roman Empire, this is a fascinating read for all history enthusiasts. Featuring: The origins of humanity - Discover how humans evolved and learnt the skills needed to colonise the world Ancient civilisations - As communities flourished, find out how the likes of Ancient Egypt started taking shape The Classical Age - From Greece and Rome to Persia and China, track the developments in science, art and politics Trade & Invention - See how trade and travel unified the Old World,while the New World emerged
  • World of Animals Book of Ocean Wildlife
    World of Animals Book of Ocean Wildlife

    Book of Ocean Wildlife

    A fascinating account of the underwater animal kingdom. From the ferocious great white to the stealthy killer whale, dive into more than 160 pages of fascinating content, paired with stunning imagery and amazing illustrations. Featuring: Attack of the great white shark - Uncover the epic hunting tactics of one of the ocean's most-feared hunters and discover the truth behind a beast we've come to fear Songs of the humpback - The secrets of this ocean giant's songs are revealed in an unmissable, heartwarming tale of family, love and migration Mysteries of the deep - Meet the animals you never even knew existed, lurking at the pit of the ocean, armed with unbelievable defence mechanisms and survival skills Bottlenose dolphins - Discover how these underwater favourites use their brilliant brain power to hunt, thrive and survive in the wild
  • Diciembre 2014

    Revista mensual de temporada invernal dedicada al mundo del esquí y los deportes de invierno

    la revista sobre el mundo del esquí más vendida en España, Solo Nieve es una revista de temporada invernal sobre el mundo del esquí, noticias, estaciones, viajes, esquiadores, anecdotas, competición, material, pruebas y comparativos, etc….durante la temporada de esquí podrás disfrutar de la mejor información sobre el mundo de la nieve.
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    THE RAKE JAPAN EDITION ザ・レイク・ジャパンエディション


    THE RAKEとは、2008年にシンガポールで創刊されたメンズマガジンです。ファッションを中心に、時計、クルマ、旅、グルメなど、全方位的なライフスタイル情報を提供します。JAPAN EDITIONは、「いま世界では、何が“上質”とされているのか」ということを軸に、世界レベルに標準を合わせた質の高い情報を紹介していきます。 THE RAKE JAPAN EDITION is the Japanese version of the The Rake launched in Singapore in 2008. We are introducing mainly about men's fashion including watches and cars etc. We set up the theme like "What do people in the world think the best quality is" . There are our original contents and the International ones translated from English. You may enjoy the pages not only the sophisticated articles but also beautiful and stunning photos as well.
  • No.1_Nov-14
    CAMERA magazine特別編集


    小さくてよく写る! 「高画質」と「機動力」のいいとこ取りで人気を集めるミラーレス一眼用レンズ「マイクロフォーサーズレンズ」をとことん楽しむための1冊です。オリンパス、パナソニック、フォクトレンダーといった主要ブランドからコーワなどの最新注目ブランドまで完全網羅し、プロ写真家による作例写真とともに紹介。「あの人の愛用レンズ」では、マイクロフォーサーズ機を愛用し第一線で活躍する8名の写真家にお気に入りのレンズを伺います。カメラマガジン編集部が手がけるムックならではの美しいイメージカットや作品写真、誌面デザインで、「物欲」と「写欲」を刺激しながら、いいレンズで写真を撮る喜びを伝えます。
  • Windows 8 The Complete Manual
    Windows 8 The Complete Manual

    Independent guides for essential techniques

    Windows 8 is a revolutionary platform that ties together the touchscreen abilities of a tablet and the standard functions of your desktop. This guide aims to introduce you to your new OS so you can get the most out of it and find the hidden depths you may not have seen before. Featuring: Introducing Windows 8 - A simple guide to it's main features Set up your Windows 8 - Help setting up your Windows machine for the first time Getting started - Tips and tricks for some of Windows's amazing features Applications - A look at many of the major apps on offer
  • All About History Book of The Titanic
    All About History Book of The Titanic

    Discover the truth behind the legendary 'unsinkable' ship

    This bookazine tells the full story of the Titanic from the planning stages to the disaster itself, and is the perfect companion for anyone interested in the ship and its history. Here you will find the truth behind a tale that has become legendary, from the blueprints and dimensions from which the ship was born, to the treacherous conditions that would prove its end. You'll gain insights into the lives of those on board, the aftermath and quest for justice, and the more recent expeditions to inspect and preserve the wreckage of the ship itself. Featuring: Building the Titanic - The blueprints, dimensions and construction of the greatest ship of its time The Voyage - Learn what life was like on the ship before its fateful end The Collision - How the ship came to collide with the iceberg that would create its demise Exhibits - Take a look at rare memorabilia from the time and the ship itself, including tickets and letters
  • Issue 21
    Slow Living

    Because good things take time

    Australia’s only publication dedicated to life in the slow lane, Slow magazine is representative of a broad cultural shift towards a slower lifestyle, known as the Slow Movement. Slow is a lifestyle publication that promotes an unhurried ethos.
  • The Ultimate Christmas Cross Stitch Collection
    The Ultimate Christmas Cross Stitch Collection

    Count down to Christmas with 184 charts for cards, gifts, wrapping ideas and treats for your home.

    Stitch our fabulous collection of festive cross stitch designs – as seen in Cross Stitch Collection and Cross Stitcher magazines. Treat yourself to 184 charts, from quick stitch cards and gifts to Christmas classics and samplers, for your friends, family and home.
  • No.1


    「你是電,你是光,你是唯一的神話,我只愛你,YOU ARE MY SUPER STAR」,什麼是超級偶像,定義很難具體形容,但大意可以用這句S.H.E的歌詞來代表。 娛樂圈人說,卅年才能出一位影響力跨越國界的超級偶像,距離上代亞洲超級偶像劉德華出道的時間,今年正好是第卅年,二○一四年年末,《TVBS周刊》選出年度人物,MAN OF THE YEAR正是李敏鎬,而李敏鎬本人的偶像正巧就是劉德華,亞洲兩代第一男神之間,傳承的其實是精神,李敏鎬本人說過,他想要用劉德華精神一直這樣忙著。 預計明年入伍,二○一四年對李敏鎬來說是至極重要也是攀越巔峰的一年,他做到了! 《TVBS周刊.李敏鎬珍藏年鑑》全方位檢視他在二○一四年創造出來的各項驚人成績單,仔細記錄他的一舉一動,更重要的是帶你了解他的態度,以及他經營粉絲的那顆心。把這本書獻給喜歡他的米諾子們,還有另外想探索他成功之道的讀者們⋯⋯
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